Newgate Communications is a fast growing international communications consultancy that specialises in capital market communications and financial media relations, corporate reputation building and public policy and regulatory consultancy. Our task is to change the way people think about our clients by developing insight and ideas that resonate with its important constituencies and the opinion formers […]

In general I love Lego. It’s a good interactive toy in the old way of being interactive – i.e. you build things instead of looking at a screen. For the most part it’s inexpensive. And it’s kept my children quiet for many a long hour. The main downside is pieces get lost and tend to […]

If Twitter feeds are to be believed, then Lord Hill may be in trouble. On the day that David Cameron sought to take back control of the political agenda in Birmingham, he may not have paid sufficient attention to the fact that his European Commissioner nominee, Lord Hill, was far less prepared for his own, […]

We now know this morning that, despite a hard fought contest, Scotland has voted ‘No’ to independence in yesterday’s historic referendum. As everyone digests this news, here is a short guide to some of the key public policy consequences. Despite Scotland rejecting independence, there is set to be significant constitutional reform, which is likely to have […]

The incoming European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, announced the allocation of Commission portfolios yesterday, and there was great surprise that Lord Hill was given a mandate for ‘financial stability, financial services and capital markets union’. David Cameron has welcomed the decision as a “great piece of news”, and the UK media is widely reporting that […]

That was the advice from political journalist of the year, Fraser Nelson, speaking at Newgate Communications latest ‘View from the Bridge’ panel event on the upcoming general election and its possible consequences. Along with leading economist, Andrew Sentance (Senior Economic Adviser to PwC and former Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member) and leading political […]

The main parties’ manifestoes that will be drawn up just before next May’s general election will all differ in content. But, almost certainly, there will be some consistent themes:  stimulating economic growth, cutting the deficit and encouraging future investment into Britain. From a young person’s point of view, there are certain policy areas that I […]

Last night saw the second of two debates on the subject of Britain’s membership of the European Union between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage. Opinion polls and political commentators in Westminster differ on who came out top during the two debates (the first of which was on LBC last week), though polling by both YouGov […]

I am a fan of Antony Jenkins. I used to work with the Barclays chief executive and I think he is a decent guy, with his heart mostly in the right place, doing a very difficult job. However, his task is made a lot harder by his obsession with management speak and jargon. Take his […]

Even though the prospective referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is still over three years away, politicians and business representatives are already gearing up for the fight to come. At least that is the impression which any observer of Monday’s panel debate on ‘the City and the EU: better in or out?’ held at […]

In little more than four months from now, the UK’s major political parties risk being engulfed in a monumental political  firestorm that will stress-test their readiness for next year’s general election. Over the period covering 22 to 25 May, EU voters go to the polls to elect 766 members of the European Parliament. 73 of […]


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