Newgate Communications is a fast growing international communications consultancy that specialises in capital market communications and financial media relations, corporate reputation building and public policy and regulatory consultancy. Our task is to change the way people think about our clients by developing insight and ideas that resonate with its important constituencies and the opinion formers […]

With only seven days left until the general election, Brussels is keeping a close eye on what the end campaign will look like, who will win and, most importantly, what the election outcome would mean for Britain and the EU. UKIP: the cleverest and most outspoken anti-EU stance Of all parties participating in the general […]

It’s been party manifestos week, with Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and UKIP all publishing their blueprints for the next five years. A cross dressing exercise Both Labour and the Conservatives attempted something of a cross-dressing exercise. Labour, conscious of their reputation for being uncertain guardians of the economy, placed, on page […]

Written by the Support Services team at Newgate Communications Setting aside the uncertainty of the General Election result this May, investment in UK infrastructure looks like it will continue on an upward trajectory, along with economic growth. More money was allocated to regional infrastructure projects across the UK in the recent Budget, particularly the South […]

Today, George Osborne delivered his sixth Budget statement, the last before the General Election, in which he announced optimistically that “Britain is walking tall again” As expected for a pre-election Budget, it was an intensely political statement, with significant amounts of rhetoric devoted to the progress the Government has made on economic growth, jobs, living […]

Can fashion sourcing from the UK become a reality? Written by the Retail Team at Newgate Communications The rise of low-cost manufacturing in Asia, combined with the ever growing consumer demand for cheaper clothes, has had a huge impact on the UK textile industry over the last decades. 30 years ago, the sector employed over […]

David Cameron is likely to stay in Downing Street, according to the attendees at last night’s ‘The View from The Bridge’ debate on the General Election, held at Newgate Communications. After a lively and informed discussion led by the three speakers – Anne McElvoy (Public Policy Editor at The Economist), Peter Riddell (Director of the […]

The Labour Party has in recent weeks been accused of being ‘anti-business’. This is something of an old trope attack line from the Conservative party but it certainly hasn’t helped that Labour has been unable to reel off a convincing list of key business supporters when asked and criticised for the Shadow Chancellor effectively telling […]

The UK is facing a crisis on an issue that has been looming for several years, and Judgment Day has come for a definitive decision to be made on May 8. The issue we are up against is the foreseeable power crisis the country will eventually face due to years of underinvestment in electricity generation, […]

Do you think journalists are interested in what you have to say on social media? I was quite surprised that only 3% of journalists writing ‘hard news’ think that social media has a fundamental impact to their work. Why is that? Believe it or not, journalists use social media mainly to publish and promote their […]

What will our country look like in the early hours of 8 May? It’s difficult to tell. Almost everyone agrees that the Election is the most unpredictable in a generation. The polls offer no clear indication. There are so many factors – the lack of breakthrough from either the Conservatives or Labour, the collapse in […]


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