A Right Honorable Grilling…

It can be a humiliating ritual, an ever more frequent “revenge fest”, the modern equivalent of being tarred and feathered or pelted with rotten tomatoes (or pies in the case of Rupert Murdoch). Every few months we hear about a CEO or senior executive being summoned to receive a grilling from a group of angry MPs, witnessed by an impatient and excited media baying for … Continue reading A Right Honorable Grilling…

Top 50 Business Commentators on Twitter

Big thanks to Management Today for sparking a DefCon 3 level scrap this morning down at Newgate’s bunker. Their list of the top 50 business commentators on Twitter (here) got us thinking very loudly at one another. Ever in search of workplace tranquillity, Newgate’s HR team asked us to collaborate peaceably to compile our own list of top 50 business commentators on Twitter which, in … Continue reading Top 50 Business Commentators on Twitter

Brewing up a cold response

One of the pitfalls of being a well-loved, popular company is how consumers and media hold you to account. Starbucks is a part of the fabric of UK life – the coffee is good, the shops are comfy, and the marmite toasty is legend. On Wednesday (today) the founder, President and CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, will make a (belated) public statement about the allegations … Continue reading Brewing up a cold response

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Introducing Newgate

We are one team, powered by a collaborative creative culture. We offer corporate communications, community engagement and financial communications as well as public affairs, brand building and capital markets expertise. We invest time and resources in understanding our client’s industries, markets, cultures and business goals. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify the latest trends and understand complex issues so insight rather than tradition … Continue reading Introducing Newgate