Top 50 Business Commentators on Twitter

Big thanks to Management Today for sparking a DefCon 3 level scrap this morning down at Newgate’s bunker. Their list of the top 50 business commentators on Twitter (here) got us thinking very loudly at one another.

Ever in search of workplace tranquillity, Newgate’s HR team asked us to collaborate peaceably to compile our own list of top 50 business commentators on Twitter which, in no particular order, goes like this:

  1. Robert Peston, BBC Business Editor @Peston
  2. Stephanie Flanders, BBC Economics Editor @BBCStephanie
  3. Evan Davis, Presenter BBC Radio 4 Today Programme @EvanHD
  4. Simon Jack, Business Presenter BBC Radio 4 Today Programme @simonjacktoday
  5. Iain Dey, Deputy Business Editor The Sunday Times @IainDey
  6. David Smith, Economics Editor The Sunday Times @dsmitheconomics
  7. James Charles, Personal Finance Editor The Sunday Times @jcharles
  8. Steve Hawkes, Business Editor The Sun @steve_hawkes
  9. Chris Giles, Economics Editor The FT @ChrisGiles
  10. Chris Adams, Markets Editor The FT @chrisadamsmkts
  11. Andrew Hill, Columnist The FT @andrewtghill
  12. Richard Fletcher, Editor @fletcherr
  13. Jeremy Warner, Associate Editor The Daily Telegraph @jeremywarnerUK
  14. Damian Reece, Head of Business The Daily Telegraph @damianreece
  15. Kamal Ahmed, Business Editor, The Sunday Telegraph @kamalahmed1
  16. James Quinn, Deputy Business Editor The Sunday Telegraph @jamesrquinn
  17. Ian Cowie, Head of Personal Finance, The Telegraph @iancowie
  18. Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor in Chief Moneyweek @MerrynSW
  19. Lucy Warwick-Ching, Editor @WarwickChing
  20. Laura Kuenssberg, Business Editor ITN @ITVLauraK
  21. Richard Edgar, Economics Editor ITN @ITVRichard
  22. Ed Conway, Economics Editor Sky News @edconwaysky
  23. Mark Kleinman, City Editor Sky News @MarkKleinmanSky
  24. Peter Hoskins, Producer Jeff Randall Live@PeterHoskinsSky
  25. Joel Hills, Sky News Business Presenter @joelhillssky
  26. David Buik, Impecunious and Humble commentator @truemagic68
  27. Faisal Islam, Economics Editor Channel4 News @faisalislam
  28. Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC Technology Correspondent @ruskin147 (or his BBC one @BBCRoryCJ)
  29. Hugh Pym, BBC Chief Economics Correspondent @BBCHughPym
  30. Paul Lewis, Presenter BBC Radio 4 Moneybox @paullewismoney
  31. Jill Treanor, Guardian Journalist & Banking specialist @jilltreanor
  32. Emma Dunkley, Financial Journalist Citywire @EmDunks
  33. David Blanchflower, Economist & former MPC member @D_Blanchflower
  34. Andrew Sentence, Business Economist PwC & former MPC member @sentance
  35. Paul Krugman, Economist & New York Times Columnist @NYTimeskrugman
  36. Jonathan Portes, Director NIESR @jdportes
  37. Anatole Kaletsky, Economist & Journalist @kaletsky
  38. Tim Harford, Economist (the Undercover Economist) @TimHarford
  39. Megan Greene, Economist @economistmeg
  40. Simon Nixon, European Editor Heard on the Street Wall Street Journal @Simon_Nixon
  41. Linda Yueh, Economics Editor Bloomberg @lindayueh
  42. Lucy Marcus, CEO, Director & Reuters Columnist @lucymarcus
  43. Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economist & Head of Global Research Standard Chartered @DrGerardLyons
  44. Chuka Umunna, Shadow Business Secretary @ChukaUmunna
  45. Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor @edballsmp
  46. Philip Clarke, CEO Tesco @clarkepatesco (although he doesn’t tweet much these days)
  47. Martin Lewis, founder moneysavingexpert @MartinSLewis
  48. Ros Altmann, Director General Saga Group @rosaltmann
  49. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman & CEO Newscorporation @rupertmurdoch
  50. David Cameron, Prime Minister @David_Cameron

We should point out the entire lack of scientific methodology in compiling this list. We reserve the right to change it when someone points out its failings.

2 thoughts on “Top 50 Business Commentators on Twitter

  1. What, no Martin Wolf?!
    Ed Balls above the PM..theres a visual I want to shake?!
    The nearly nicely named Lucy Kellaway or Gillian T???

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