Lurid content lessons from 1886

My brother sent me this article published in 1886 in the Pall Mall Gazette (a broadsheet and forerunner of the Evening Standard) bemoaning the quality of the more popular, and lurid tabloid, Police News. The root of the article was a reader’s poll in Pall Mall Gazette, voting Police News as “the worst newspaper in England”. Now, you have to respect the view of the … Continue reading Lurid content lessons from 1886

Squeaky bum time for Labour

Love him or hate him, Tony Blair made the Labour Party run on time. There may have been rumblings, rows and simmering resentment, but it was managed in a way that enabled the Labour machine to be efficient, effective and electable. Ed Miliband’s Labour Party looks like neither of the first two, and you would argue at the moment, nowhere near the third. Purely from … Continue reading Squeaky bum time for Labour