Mind your language

I am a fan of Antony Jenkins. I used to work with the Barclays chief executive and I think he is a decent guy, with his heart mostly in the right place, doing a very difficult job. However, his task is made a lot harder by his obsession with management speak and jargon.
Take his interview on the BBC’s flagship Today programnme this morning. Saying you want Barclays to be the “go to bank” might work in a management conference or a marketing presentation, but does it mean anything to a busy parent trying to get their children to put down their iPhone and eat their Weetabix? Jenkins might be “on a journey” but again the “journey” we are interested in is the one on the 8.13 to Waterloo which could be cancelled because of flooding. “Compensation” is what I get if a brick falls on my head, not what I’m paid for turning up at a Barclays office every day. “Talent” trips the boards at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, it doesn’t flog you mortgages down the road. And what, in the name of all heavens, are “value agents”? Are they bank managers, financial advisors, casino bankers or somebody dressed as James Bond hanging around Lidl? I don’t care how many you employ, as I have no idea what they do.
Please, Mr J, if you want us to love and trust you bank, speak in English.

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