Britain unbound

Britain is indisputably European. Our culture, our way of life, our main religion, our history and, for most of us, our heritage are all European. And yet our experiment at European integration which began in 1972 will begin to draw to a close today when the UK’s Permanent Representative to the European Union, Sir Tim Barrow, delivers a letter to the President of the European … Continue reading Britain unbound

Can corporate be creative?

The blog below was written by Newgate’s Creative Director, Andrew Baiden. It was an old gag in a former agency that actually the most creative work could be done with clients who were not the best known consumer brands.  The more boring a business, the greater the appetite for risk and making things happen. I’ve been doing the creative role here for a month or … Continue reading Can corporate be creative?

Hogg’s head on a platter

May I declare an interest? I briefly worked for Charlotte Hogg’s mother – Sarah (now Baroness) Hogg. She at the time was the Business & City Editor of The Independent, so she should know a thing or two about public perception. Alas none of this appears to have been passed on to either her husband nor her daughter. Douglas – now Lord – Hogg was … Continue reading Hogg’s head on a platter

Newgate’s Analysis of Budget 2017

On 8th March 2017, the Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his first ever Budget Statement to the House of Commons. While this year’s Statement was relatively concise and focused compared with previous Budgets, there are a number of important takeaways. Here are Newgate’s five ‘takes’: Hammond prepares for uncertain times ahead: Despite the OBR revealing better short-term economic forecasts, compared with last November, the Chancellor maintained … Continue reading Newgate’s Analysis of Budget 2017

The opportunity of change

Written by David Telling. Having spent over 17 years at my previous firm and 8 years at the one before that I can hardly be accused of being an advocate of constant change. However, being in a new and invigorating environment full of supportive and open colleagues makes me realise that change is as much an attitude of mind as the culture of the organisation … Continue reading The opportunity of change

Is grief ever an appropriate communication tool?

‘It was the moment that Trump became President’, so ran some of the commentary after the US President addressed Congress and paid tribute to Ryan Owens, the Navy Seal who died on a raid in Yeman. While Trump basked in the applause of Congress, Ryan’s widow, Carryn Owens, broke down and shared, on international media, the profound intimacy of deep grief. I don’t know how … Continue reading Is grief ever an appropriate communication tool?

FCA Consultation Paper

The fairest, most informative deal for investors in post-Brexit IPOs. That’s what the FCA wants us to think The FCA consultation paper regarding research written pre-IPO will improve Britain’s perception as a competitive global listing hub The FCA – the City regulator – yesterday published its long awaited Consultation Paper outlining sweeping reforms as to how information should be disseminated, and indeed who it should … Continue reading FCA Consultation Paper

Active networking – is this the end of the long lunch?

When I started my career in public relations 20 years ago, ‘networking’ was a euphemism for long lunches and hazy evenings in hostelries around the City…with some passing similarities to the TV series Mad Men.  How things have changed.  This week I found myself cycling laps of the Olympic Velodrome with 14 business executives, entrepreneurs and assorted advisers as part of BDO Velo – an … Continue reading Active networking – is this the end of the long lunch?

Brexit may yet unleash the Welsh Dragon’s Roar

The Referendum vote on 23 June was not a calamitous vote to self-harm as characterised by the Welsh political class, but a vote which may yet unleash the Welsh dragon’s roar. By Tomos Davies, Associate Partner and former Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Wales. This St David’s Day, Welsh men and women throughout Wales and across the world will be celebrating our unique … Continue reading Brexit may yet unleash the Welsh Dragon’s Roar