Welsh local elections: five things to watch out for

It’s almost that time of year again: election season. For our clients, this can be important. Long-term relationships can be lost overnight and a new set of stakeholders with different ideas introduced. It’s critical that business looks ahead to assess who may be winners and losers in May. Last year’s devolved elections in Wales saw all three major parties lose out to Plaid Cymru and … Continue reading Welsh local elections: five things to watch out for

Is the honeymoon over, Herr Schulz?

Our friends at dicomm advisors, a Berlin-based political consultancy, think-tank and communications agency, assess the upcoming German election. Within the last few weeks, the SPD candidate for German Chancellor, Martin Schulz, has seen his stock rise in Germany. However, this “Schulz effect”, which has brought high approval ratings to the SPD, now seems to have evaporated. The current polls in Germany (conducted by InfratestDimap) show the … Continue reading Is the honeymoon over, Herr Schulz?

Snap General Election: What you need to know

  This morning’s dramatic news – that there will be a snap General Election on 8th June – has taken many of us (but not Newgate!) by surprise. While many commentators and Conservative Party supporters had been advocating an early election for the Prime Minister to win a direct mandate, enhance her Parliamentary majority and take advantage of Labour’s historically negative poll ratings, it was widely … Continue reading Snap General Election: What you need to know

Pint for planning?

by Mark Kerr, partner, Newgate Engage So the House of Lords thinks that decisions about licensing the countries pubs, clubs and restaurants and about those who sell us booze in an increasing number of retail outlets, should in the future be managed by our councils’ planning committees. Peers think that the Councillors and council officers who pontificate and determine planning applications make better decisions and … Continue reading Pint for planning?


PR is changing. Yet still nine out of ten of our clients would jump through hoops of fire to secure an interview with the Financial Times. However, Donald Trump isn’t one of our clients. Trump gave a long, detailed interview to the editor of the FT, Lionel Barber, and two of the paper’s senior reporters. It was revealing, newsworthy and, according to Barber when interviewed … Continue reading Trumped!