Newgate: Proud sponsors of the FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup 2017

From 12 July for ten days Guildford, in Surrey, will see the best women’s lacrosse players in the world competing for the World Cup.  As one of the tier one sponsors Newgate Communications will be taking a close interest, and will be very visible at the event.  We are extremely proud to be involved in what will be the largest elite women’s sporting event in the UK in 2017.

Women’s lacrosse is without question a minority sport.  In terms of participation it lags significantly behind other sports such as netball and tennis.  But it has a dedicated following, and is taken very seriously, particularly at the elite, international, level.  All of us at Newgate are delighted to be able to tap into that passion and excitement, and to enjoy the many benefits this sponsorship brings.

The most obvious upside for Newgate is publicity.  There is no point denying that many supporters are the parents of players at high-achieving schools and universities.  These are typically the kind of people we provide services to: board directors, heads of communications and intermediaries such as lawyers, consultants and bankers.  The fact that our name will be so prominently displayed to this crowd can do no harm; and we will be present throughout the tournament to try to find new clients if we can.

We will also have the chance to host clients, contacts and colleagues throughout the World Cup.  Part of the attraction of the sponsorship is the fact that we can lay on corporate hospitality every day.  Being able to do so much, and being able to do something so different, is a really compelling reason for the sponsorship.  I guess there will always be a place for the box at the cricket or the table at the awards event, but this really will be something new.

Our sponsorship also tips its hat to the international nature of Newgate.  Amongst the 25 countries represented are teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Hong Kong and Australia, which will be cheered on, respectively, by Newgaters in London, Manchester and Bristol; in Edinburgh; in Cardiff; in, er, Hong Kong; and in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.  As a global company we are thrilled to be able to back this global event.

To be honest, though, that’s just the obvious stuff.  Much more exciting for us is being associated with a celebration of elite sport and of teamwork, important characteristics of a flourishing enterprise like ours.  It’s also great to get our name in front of so many women either still at university or at the beginnings of their careers, who might be thinking about corporate communications as a job choice and may consider a role at Newgate.  The World Cup is, of course, a celebration of women’s participation and success, and like many companies Newgate is constantly looking to improve its diversity.  This sponsorship will hopefully both make a statement about our commitment to continue to do so and also directly attract new recruits.

So we’re all looking forward to Guildford in July.  We are delighted to be associated, above all, with this festival of women’s elite sport.  And we are super proud to be sponsors of the FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup 2017.

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