Never mind Brexit, be inspired

by Bob Huxford A team  from Newgate attended the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain event at the London Stock Exchange yesterday. Interestingly, the speakers at the event were full of optimism for UK business and the opportunities for growth. One significant positive on which the panel, consisting of representatives from HSBC, Cenkos, Business Growth Fund and The Telegraph, were all in agreement, was that availability … Continue reading Never mind Brexit, be inspired

Don’t look down: lessons in optimism from Houston’s Offshore Technology Conference

From Louise Nicolson in Houston, Texas This week, new survey results from website Energy Voice revealed confidence in oil price recovery remains fragile but investment in tech is key to the future of the industry. Delegates at the largest oil show in the world, Houston’s Offshore Technology Conference, discussed the findings over a breakfast of sausage and biscuits.  The leaders of service companies and E&P … Continue reading Don’t look down: lessons in optimism from Houston’s Offshore Technology Conference

When the chips are up

They say elephants never forget. But pachyderms are positively forgetful when compared when journalists. Slight a reporter and he or she will hunt you down for years. When I was on the other side of the divide I would put a little note in my address book saying LC (the “L” stood for lying) if anyone had ever misled me. Conversely I will never forget … Continue reading When the chips are up


PR is changing. Yet still nine out of ten of our clients would jump through hoops of fire to secure an interview with the Financial Times. However, Donald Trump isn’t one of our clients. Trump gave a long, detailed interview to the editor of the FT, Lionel Barber, and two of the paper’s senior reporters. It was revealing, newsworthy and, according to Barber when interviewed … Continue reading Trumped!

Hogg’s head on a platter

May I declare an interest? I briefly worked for Charlotte Hogg’s mother – Sarah (now Baroness) Hogg. She at the time was the Business & City Editor of The Independent, so she should know a thing or two about public perception. Alas none of this appears to have been passed on to either her husband nor her daughter. Douglas – now Lord – Hogg was … Continue reading Hogg’s head on a platter

Worried about Trump, Le Pen is worse

Earlier this week I joined a debate, hosted by Roxhill Media and Herbert Smith Freehills, on how the events of 2016 should inform how companies communicate in 2017. A strong panel of Iain Dey, business editor of the Sunday Times, Dan Roberts, who has the interesting role of Brexit editor at The Guardian, and Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist, gave us a few … Continue reading Worried about Trump, Le Pen is worse

Time to act on Housing

As we move into February, there’s still little sign of the promised White Paper on Housing. We ask our planning and development team what it means, what to expect – and what the White Paper really needs to include. Andy Martin, Managing Partner We can expect to see an emphasis not just on delivering enough homes, but delivering the right sort of homes. There will … Continue reading Time to act on Housing

Sadiq Khan call in powers

The first time a Mayor or Minister calls in a planning application is always likely to be taken as a statement of intent. Sadiq Khan’s decision to call in two applications rejected by councillors on design grounds because of their potential to deliver affordable housing, one in Tottenham Hale and one in Wealdstone, is therefore interesting. He notes the developments: “have the potential to bring … Continue reading Sadiq Khan call in powers

Silver jubilee for the king of Fleet Street

2017 will see the 25th anniversary of Paul Dacre becoming editor of the Daily Mail. No journalist in recent history has had such longevity – his mentor Sir David English, who is credited with creating the modern Daily Mail was only editor for 21 years; his nemesis Alan Rusbridger was editor of The Guardian for 20 before retiring in 2015. No journalist in the modern … Continue reading Silver jubilee for the king of Fleet Street