EU Withdrawal Bill: What Next?

MPs will today begin the first of eight days of Committee Stage deliberation of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. The Bill repeals the 1972 European Communities Act which took the UK into the EU. It also transposes existing EU legislation into domestic UK law, to ensure a smooth transition on the day after the UK leaves the European Union. Almost 500 amendments have been tabled by … Continue reading EU Withdrawal Bill: What Next?

Britain unbound

Britain is indisputably European. Our culture, our way of life, our main religion, our history and, for most of us, our heritage are all European. And yet our experiment at European integration which began in 1972 will begin to draw to a close today when the UK’s Permanent Representative to the European Union, Sir Tim Barrow, delivers a letter to the President of the European … Continue reading Britain unbound

2017: The Year Of… Who Knows?

The blog below, written by Newgate CEO Gavin Devine, was originally published on HuffPost Politics. And so another year ends and a new one begins. And the beginning of January has brought the usual crop of ‘forward looks’ for the year. So I thought I’d follow suit, although hopefully with a new twist: I am pretty much abandoning the predictions game. As the recent rash … Continue reading 2017: The Year Of… Who Knows?

First Minster Plays Long Game in Push to Stay In Single Market

By Paul McLennan in our Edinburgh office. So Nicola Sturgeon must be seen to be doing all she can to make things work. Scotland’s place in Europe is a “serious” and “reasonable” compromise, she said, as she launched the 50-page book yesterday. The Scottish Government will argue for what is in the best interests of not just Scotland but the whole of the UK. Although … Continue reading First Minster Plays Long Game in Push to Stay In Single Market

Silver jubilee for the king of Fleet Street

2017 will see the 25th anniversary of Paul Dacre becoming editor of the Daily Mail. No journalist in recent history has had such longevity – his mentor Sir David English, who is credited with creating the modern Daily Mail was only editor for 21 years; his nemesis Alan Rusbridger was editor of The Guardian for 20 before retiring in 2015. No journalist in the modern … Continue reading Silver jubilee for the king of Fleet Street

Johnson, Lego and Dragons – how to communicate in a “Post-Truth” world

In the wake of the successful Leave campaign, many commentators have moaned about us being in a “Post Truth” society, where you can post a big lie (such as £350m a week for the NHS) and then admit that it’s a lie as soon as the ink is dry on your victory. The fact is “Post Truth” campaigning was not invented by Boris Johnson, Lynton … Continue reading Johnson, Lego and Dragons – how to communicate in a “Post-Truth” world

Brexit: Now What?

So, now what? Britain has voted for Brexit. David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister. Markets are experiencing high levels of volatility and the UK is now entering a period of immense political and economic uncertainty. In these precarious times, Newgate Communications latest ‘View from the Bridge’ event attempted to provide some insight into what comes next, with an expert panel of political, financial and … Continue reading Brexit: Now What?

Brexit: what happens next if we vote to leave?

As the EU Referendum campaign enters its final phase, opinion polls are suggesting a close outcome.  A Leave vote is very much a possibility, and whilst there has been a lot of heat and noise about what this might mean, there has been little useful advice given about what would then happen in practice. In simple terms, a vote to Leave will trigger a period … Continue reading Brexit: what happens next if we vote to leave?