Newgate Communications and Capital Access Group are appointed by S&U PLC

S&U PLC, the motor finance and property bridging lender, has appointed Capital Access Group (CAG) and Newgate Communications as its integrated Investor and Public Relations advisor.

S&U is listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange (SUS) and is currently capitalised at £268 million. The Company is one of the leading providers of non-prime hire purchase finance to UK motor retailers through its Advantage Finance business. Advantage Finance employs over 100 people, has 55,000 live customers and has a highly resilient business model delivering 18 consecutive years of record profit growth.

S&U is also developing an innovative property bridging product through Aspen Bridging which has now issued over £10m of lending, principally into the residential refurbishment market for starter family housing.

The integrated communications mandate represents CAG/Newgate’s innovative approach to combined investor targeting, corporate access and financial media engagement. This is designed to provide optimum support to companies such as S&U, helping to raise its City profile, improve investor perception, enhance liquidity and better align the strong fundamentals of the business with its equity capital market valuation.

Anthony Coombs, Chairman of S&U, said;

“S&U’s long history of delivery and value creation is strong but we recognise that there are challenges in terms of our communicating this consistently to all stakeholders. The combination of access to investors and expertise in managing media relations offered us an efficient solution, providing new input and impetus to our advisory group. S&U is excited about its prospects and the potential to better communicate these to the capital markets.”

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